You don't often find a business that has been around as long as we have! George Ovenden opened for business in 1926.

Company history

1926 G. E. Ovenden is established by George Ovenden.
1950's With Vans & John joining their father, the company changed its name to G. E. Ovenden & Sons.
1970's George retires. The company becomes G. E. Ovenden & Sons & Granddaughter with Jennie Cooke joining the practice.
1980's The company is renamed Ovenden Optometrists - John and Jennie find success using coloured lenses for reading problems
1990's - 2010 John Ovenden Passed away. Jennie C.J. Cooke has continued to carry on the business tradition. Jennie Cooke merged with Melbourne Optical Centre - New address 259 Elizabeth St. Melbourne, VIC, 3000
Meet our team

Jennie Cooke - Optometrist


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"My teacher says he could notice a difference within two weeks. It's very fun!
"Michael has changed from a reluctant participant in reading..."
"Michael is beginning to start trying re his reading"
"They feel really comfortable and slowly I am beginning to write in a straight..."
"It is certainly interesting seeing what coloured tints are doing for patients"
"Thanks for showing me a better way to read..."
"...he says he goes directly to the next line"
"I have found that I am starting to read a lot more, and with a great deal of ease"
"... thank you for your persistance & determination in mastering the coloured glasses to enable people like my family to read."